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Mane Attractions Price List for Non Surgical Hair Replacement and  Custom Alopecia Wis/ Extension Services. All Sales Final / Please follow Hair Maintenance Protocols for best results.

*** Purchasing low quality will not guarantee a great service.
** Alopecia/ damaged hair clients should opt for frontal / closure weave, full net weave, lace unit for most natural results
**We prefer our clients to come with clean hair to save 45 min or more on service ( clients with very thick and coarse hair may be charged $45 extra for shampoo/blow dry.)
** Best hold with adhesive and  Glueless Hair Replacement System, some clients may get good results with gel and stitching
Clients must receive Maintenance every 2-6 weeks for best results. No Any excessive sweating or wetting edges  should not be done first 48hrs fit glue application. These activities will loosen the bond. 

* Custom Orders can take anywhere from 7-60 business days to arrive. 

*Prices are subject to change

New Client Weave appointments are encouraged to pay deposits to confirm appointments. Priority scheduling will be given to regular clients and deposit paying new clients.

*For best results on virgin/ raw hair use suggested products and maintenance suggested by stylist.  Our raw hair is real hair not silicone hair it needs take home care. 

* We Offer High Quality Hair Pieces for more affordable options provide your own hair.


New Client Weave appointments are encouraged to pay deposits to confirm appointments. Priority scheduling will be given to regular clients and deposit paying new clients.

Hair Weaving and Extensions
Elite Wig Weave Install
Some of the industry's most natural and flattest celerity techniques. A customized braid pattern is designed for each guest. Hair is then given a precision cut and detailed styling. You will leave with unbelievable results. Cornrows/ Cut/Closure Customizing. Single track placement closely layered tracks. The lace is plucked to perfection, melted closely to clients natural complexion


Traditional Weave Install
A traditional sew in weave for flat and natural results . For more affordable results try our diva install. 
$365& up
Full Lace Wig closure /  360 Unit install
Consultation Needed
Lace Front Wig / Weave  install
$365 and Up
Healthy Extensions Glueless
Great for straight/ relaxed and naturally wavy hair. Virgin hair is integrated in with clients natural hair and uses a  link base. This method is glueless/ braidless. This is  healthy fusion method that uses no glue and provides minimal tension  on hair. All hair will be left out for this method.
Economy Diva Install

The install for a beauty on a budget. Sturdy / good results that wont break the bank. Medium Large -large flat cornrows used. Last 6-8 weeks. Double Track Placement 1 1/2 -2 inches spacing.
Standard braiding pattern applied.


Weave maintenance required  3-6 weeks

Consultation Needed
Net Weave
Great for hair loss, thinning and alopecia clients. Also great for normal hair clients to wear to protect from tension .
$365 and Up
Complete Healthy Hair Replacement Install

This method completely protects edges from pulling or excessive strain on sew ins. Minimal or no glue or gel can be used for edges if desired. No more traction alopecia.A hair replacement system is applied to base with complete celebrity customizing included. The hair system reduces pressure and tension on clients scalp and previously weakened edges. 


Fee includes reusable hair replacement unit, cut, style and frontal customizing.

Lace Wig Install
Consult Needed
Ultra Net ( Great for thin hair)
$365 and Up
Frontal Sew In Glueless/ Adhesive Used
$365 & Up
Celebrity Weave/Lace Installation
$365 & Up
Full Head of Extensions with hair Included great for all hair types
Partial Head - micro weft technique used
Micro Link Extensions / Mesh Weave Intergration

$$$ consultation needed

Detachable Custom Unit
consult needed
Braidless Flat Install
$$ consultation needed
Custom Unit and Hair Weave Transformations Videos
Micro Link Services
Frontal Hair is Integrated  with the use of links and thread to give the least amount of tension and scalp versatility. Client must be comfortable with leaving out current  tresses and integrating hair extensions. 
Micro Link Alopecia 

This is the premium service/integration  for clients who have partial Alopecia. A frontal or closure will be used to camaflauge  hair loss. The additional hair that will be left out will use micro link and/ or wefts to give the most versatile and natural results.  Its suggested to purchase hair from us because this is a very intricate service and we want you to have the best results. This is an extensive yet gratifying service please give ample time for your appointment. 



Frontal Micro Link
Includes complete scalp customizing,  hair system, links instalation stand by strand. 
consult needed
Frontal Micro Weave Celeb
 Included Complete scalp customizing, wefted hair installed with micro link procedure. Our methods is sturdy no sliding. 
Consult needed
Frontal/Closure Micro Weave
With no customizing to frontall/closure . Only baby hair customizing included. Includes complete instalation with wefted hair installed using Micro link Technique. 
$$$conuslt needed
Full Head micro Link Stand by Strand
Micro Weft Install
Integrated Micro Weft/Strand by Strand
Micro Links for non damaged hair
This is the ultimate hair weaving technique that will have you looking and feeling flawless. You can experience high pony tails and a complete natural look. Your hair will be completely out so prepare for maintenance. This style is soooo worth it. 


Hair Loss & Replacement Services

Custom Wig Option

Plus Warranty of Closure/ Frontal Units

Deposit needed to Secure Appointment

consult needed
Micro Link Extensions for Hair Loss
ad $250
Hair Replacement Starter Pack

Glueless Painless Method. Includes Glueless Hair System, Peruvian, Brazillian or Vietmenese Hair.

Style Included with Razor Cut

Customized HD Scalp

Replacement Installation ONLY
Frontal Install Ultra Medium Braids/ Style/ Cut inl
$365 and Up
Glueless Replacement System Install
*Revolutionary Non Surgical Replacement Glueless Installation
Extra Razor Cut and Advanced Styling

Hair Loss / Trichology Transformations Videos


Hair Restoration Services/ Microneedling/ Nutrition/ Kinesiology/ Hair Analysis

 Consult Needed

Complete Packet Alopecia - $1700 & Up

Includes :  Scalp Assessment , Client History, Customize Treatment Plan for Growth, Take Home Herbal Spray

Raw Virgin Hair Unprocessed Extensions matched to clients Preference approx 1-2 years with good maintenance.

Available for Men/Women

Free Spa Scalp Treatment 1st Visit


5.5-6 hrs
$1,700.00& Up

Non Surgical Glueless Method Available: ( this method usesthe newest ground breaking method for a no pulling on weak hair lines/glue pulling.  Don't Worry about another weave pulling on edges or glue. Glueless System or  Medical Grade Adhesive used for Application.

Customized HD SCALP 


Mane Girl Hair
Standard Brazillian
Brazilian Bundles
2 For $160
Raw Cambodian Straight/Wavy
$170 and up
Rare Cambodian
$210 and up
Raw Cambodian Loose/Tight Curl
Raw Indian Wavy
$230 and up
Unit Hair Accessories for Hair Loss Patients
Lace Closure
$265 & up
Lace Frontal
$325 & up
Premium Frontal
Consult Requiered
Lace Frontal Unit
Consult Needed
Full Lace Frontal
Consult Needed
Additional Services

Braiding with Added Hair/ Cornrows/ and Tree Braiding Services
We offer a variety of braiding services : cornrows, individuals, sienegaleese twist, kinky twist, nubian, afro twist, goddes braids, feeding cornrows, designer cornrows, and tree braiding.
Hair Styling Flat iron/ curls/ press n curl
Hair styling instruction is available to teach you how to beautifully style hair in a variety of stunning looks. Get the building blocks for a lifetime of beautiful, salon-style hair. We generally use heated appliances for this service.
Weave Maintenance
The hair weave is washed conditioned and may receive tightening . Generally the hair flat ironed after thoroughly drying.
Hair Restoration Services
We use natural holistic services that give fast and exceptional results. 
Weave Dr Intro Growth PAK
Includes exfoliating that helps rid the scalp of bacteria debris and build up. After this process we do herbal scalp infusions @ laser therapy to provide a healthy scalp for future hair growth. 
Weave Dr Scalp Analysis
Weave Dr is a certified Trichologist that studies and helps get clients with hair loss regain their confidence and self esteem. Lets surmount if your hair follicles are damaged and if you will have success on our program
Featured Item
Diva Custom Wig Unit
Our Diva units have a stretch base and lies flat to head, no glue is needed for this unit


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Featured Item

This Unit uses High Quality Brazilian Hair . Shakira is definitely a sexy mamacita.This is a glueless unit, Has medium large closure. Very Durable one size fits all. Hair length 20 in hair effortlessly fringed to frame the face. Customized stock Units ship within 7-10 business days. No stylists required. Lasts up to 2 years with proper usage. 

Shakira is a hybrid unit. Our 8a plus Brazilian Hair is used on this unit and Shakira's hair line is gently plucked to ensure the versatility in this style. This unit needs to be moisturized daily and requires wig brush for proper maintenace,

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Featured Item
Brazilian Full lace Body Wave 1b 18in
This lace front wig can be parted all over and place in a ponytail.
. Wig comes with adjustable straps. Comes in Small Medium or Large. Pick one in comments to seller. This Unit can be made in straight,   body wave, kinky straight, Creole Curly and Exotic Curl, a describe in comment to seller to pic unit style

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